The Top 12 in 2012

hangersAs our family goes through the steps of simplifying our home, packing, and preparing to place our house on the market very soon, my thoughts can sometimes be as jumbled as the entangled pile of hangers on our floor.


So, instead of tackling another closet, cupboard, or box, for the moment, I’ve decided to take a much needed break.  I’m taking a quick look back at the most read blog posts at Joyful Heart and the most visited pages inside Hubbard’s Cupboard in 2012.


Are you ready?  Let’s count down… to the top!


Top 6 Blog Posts from Joyful Heart in 2012

6) Word Family Resources
Lots of printables to use with your budding reader!
Word Family Booklet

5) Our 2012-2013 Curriculum 
We are enjoying Preparing Hearts for His Glory this year!
Historical Read Alouds

4) Child Training Bible (Review)
We still have this.  Although, we have not used it as much as we should.

3) In Mourning
Wow.  This one was so difficult to write and share…and I am still reflecting on it as we continue our homeschool year.  A follow-up post will be coming soon.

2) Character Traits For Kids
Character trait definition and verse printables…
Character Trait Definitions and Verses

1) Utilizing Printable Booklets Without Actually Printing Them
A simple way to save time and money in printing as well as another way of presenting new reading material to our youngest readers..



Top 6 Pages Visited at Hubbard’s Cupboard in 2012

6) Guided Reading

5) Kindergarten

4) ABC Centers

3) Literacy

2) Sight Words
(The Fall, Winter, and Spring Sight Word Booklets all closely followed this.)

1) Printable Booklets

I noticed that a few of my favorite posts and pages from the year didn’t show up.  So, I am including them here.  =)

My Favorite Page at Hubbard’s Cupboard 
Bible Memorization

My Favorite Posts Written in 2012 at Joyful Heart
(other than In Mourning, which is already listed above)
Strength For Summer – a post of gratitude to God for the grace He gives
Take the Bible Stack Challenge  – a visual reminder that God’s Word is for everyone


Blessings to you and yours in the new year! 


Now, where’s that packing tape?

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