A Fun First Day

Welcome to part 3 of our participation in the Not Back to School Blog Hop! So, far, we have talked about the curriculum we plan to use this school year and where we ‘do’ school.  Today, we take you on a look at our first day of school!

Since, as homeschoolers, we don’t have the typical first day back to school requirements of needing to learn where things are, learning the names of all the kids in our class and playing getting to know you games, going through procedures for the cafeteria, rules for walking in the hallway, etc., we decided to have a fun filled first day to build excitement for the year!

Our ‘fun start Friday’ took place on July 3. What made this day extra special was that Daddy was home to enjoy it with us!

We began our day with a special number 1 (for Day 1) breakfast.  The kids had scrambled eggs spread out to form a numeral one, a strip of bacon, pancakes shaped as a numeral one, and tiger tail donuts that are long and skinny like a numeral one.  I know, I know.  It wasn’t very healthy, but it was something different and fun!  Each child had a sign on the back of their chair to indicate their ‘new’ grade level (2nd, Kindergarten, and 3’s Preschool) . Our oldest even decided that our toddler needed one for her chair, so she handwrote a sign saying ‘First day of toddler school’ and taped it to the back of the highchair!  They even had a new patriotic pencil waiting for them.  (It’s often the little things that can spark their excitement!)


Next, we took our first day of school photos.  It took awhile to get all four of our ‘students’ to look in the same direction.

Take1 Kid Photo

My husband and I then assisted the kids in filling out their ‘favorite things’ sheet.  We have not done this in the past and we thought it would be interesting to see how their favorite things and what interests them change from year to year.

Next, the girls excitedly received their binders for our MFW History curriculum and used  stickers, ribbons, and crayons to decorate the covers.  These binders will hold all of their drawings, writings, words to patriotic songs, state information sheets, etc. as we learn about the United States this year.

The three oldest kids made a festive fourth of July craft.

Next, the older girls enjoyed their free choice reading time as the younger two got some read aloud time with Daddy.

Then, while at the swimming pool with Daddy, the oldest three practiced some things they had learned from their recent swim lessons.

We ate some homemade fourth of July fruit pops and then all of us took a field trip to go cherry picking for the first time!

Cherry Tree2

That was our first day and the kids had a blast!   Next week, as part of the Not Back to School Hop, you will get a glimpse of what a more structured, typical, school day looks like for us.

Hop on over to see other homeschool families on their first day!

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  1. So cute – it’s so special to have little ones looking forward to school!


  2. Love the little tree climber!

  3. such a beautiful family! So nice to meet you :)

  4. I love the signage. It’s so clever. What a good idea to make a celebration out of it. Mine are always so bummed that “summer’s over” – maybe that would make it more fun.

  5. So cute!!!

  6. Suzie Fernandez says

    Dear Michelle,
    I am a mother, a full time kindergarten teacher as well as the director of our Sunday School. When I read your blog and look at your hard work I can’t help but thing what a blessing you are to all of us out there trying do God’s will for our lives. Your website has been an amazing resource to me. It has been a very uplifting reminder that all of the things we do as moms and as teachers are moments to treasure and make the most of. God is helping us every step of the way and through prayer and faith all things are possible. You are an amazing mother and an inspiration to me. I want to thank you for your beautiful resources and hard work. I will pray for you and your family, that you all have a healthy and beautiful New Year. May God Bless you every day of your life.
    With Love In Christ,
    Suzie Fernandez

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