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This is week two of the NOT Back to School Blog Hop.  Last week, we had a ‘curriculum’ hop.  This week is a ‘school room‘ hop! I’m also submitting this post for The Homeschool Lounge 2009 Open House.

So, where do we actually do our ‘school’?  As you can see from the photos below (mostly taken from last year) – just about anywhere and everywhere in our home!

Our kitchen island is a perfect spot for doing messy crafts, baking, science experiments, and any other tasks which need to be completed without precious toddler hands reaching for our work.

k island

The kitchen table is good for coloring, writing, workbook work, hearing Bible stories during breakfast, etc.

k table

In the living room, you might find us reading, watching a video, or playing a game to reinforce learning when the little one is napping.

Our office provides a comfy place to read next to lots of book choices!  Our oldest might also be working on typing up a story or putting her spelling words in ABC order.

In our basement, we have a large room divided by a partial half wall. The larger side is dedicated to a ‘playroom’ while the smaller side is a living room with space for schoolish type things.  On the ‘school side’ of the playroom, the kids can be working at the table on independent work, having one one one teaching with mom, reading on the couch, listening to a book on tape, doing calendar, participating in hands on literacy and math games (tucked inside the closet), or using the magnets and wipe board for word work.

b table work

b couch

b listening b calendar and closet

b wipeboard

We’ve even done school up in the bedrooms – finishing up on history read alouds during the younger kids’ rest times.

I feel that we truly utilize the space in our home that God has blessed us with.

Next week, join us for a peek at our first day of school!

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  1. So cute! Have a blessed year!

  2. You start your day with the Pledge of Allegiance? How sweet. We did at first, years ago, but it has now gone by the wayside. Thankfully our church starts Sunday School with the Pledge, so the kids are at least getting it weekly. Thank you for sharing on the Blog Hop.

  3. Michelle (Joyful Heart) says

    These photos are from our last school year. For the last two years, during our opening calendar time, we would say the Pledge of Allegiance. This year, we are not doing our daily calendar time. We may still say the Pledge from time to time though, especially as it relates to what we are learning about in our American history this year. All the kids also hear and recite it at our church’s AWANA program each week.

  4. Looks like your crew love reading like mine! So sweet.


  5. Thanks for joining in on the NBTS Blog Hop!

    You really have made school fit in all over your home. beautiful pics!

  6. How wonderful to incorporate school all over your home to make such a warm learning environment for your kids!! It looks like a lot of fun there!! I’m having a blast visiting everyone’s home and schoolrooms!

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