Blazing New Uses for our Entry Way

I always thought that our entry way was the most unused, largest waste of space in our home  – until recently.  Two weeks ago, our entry way was altered to accommodate several events during our indoor winter Olympics.  Then, last week, it was transformed into a trail ready for our pioneers to blaze!pioneer girls

Where the trail begins… Independence, Missouri (aka the front door).
starting out

The ‘Rocky Mountains’ and a river for the wagon train to bravely cross…
rocky mountains and river

Where the trail splits – Will the pioneers head to Oregon or to California?  (Most of the pioneers in our home decided to follow the California trail to the living room to see if they could be successful at panning for gold!)
the trails split

Our youngest pioneers using the trail (Yes, that is a dolphin in my toddler’s hands.  These two little ones also experimented with trying to cross their toy trains and cars over the mountains.)
younger kids on the trail

And, of course, the covered wagon!
Covered Wagon

What will our kiddos think of next?

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  1. That looks like so much fun. I might have to do that or something similar with my kidlings.

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