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By placing Scripture verses to tunes, there are usually several verses that regularly come to mind quickly as I sit down to discipline one of the children.  However, I always wish that I could remember the multitude of other verses that we have read that would fit the situation as well – and, most importantly, in a timely manner!CTB Complete Closed

So, when I recently came across information for the Child Training Bible, I realized that this may just be the tool that I have been needing!    Starting with any version of the Bible, you can use the charts created by Mindy Dunn and her idea for highlighting and tabbing key Scriptures to create a quick, easy to use, Scripture reference tool.

Mindy has selected Bible verses that pertain to just about every child’s common sinful tendencies (and yes, even their mama’s as well).  From anger to fear, jealousy to laziness, wrong friendships to quarreling – verses are marked and tabbed, ready to be quickly located and shared to show what God’s Word says about each of these sin issues.CTBComplete


A couple of drawbacks about the Child Training Bible:
-The total cost to create our Child Training Bible was around $35.00.  This seems a little pricey, but I believe that the benefit to our family is going to far outweigh this cost!


   What you’ll need to create your own Child Training Bible:

laminated Child Training Bible charts and instructions created by Mindy Dunn ($9.00)
– package of highlighters, coloring crayons, or colored pencils that match the colors on the laminated charts (yellow, dark blue, red, green, purple, light blue, and pink)
– package of coordinating sticky tabs
– 9 by 6 inch Bible of your choice

-I spent around 4 hours locating and highlighting Scripture verses and tabbing pages.  Again, in the long run, this is not a lot of time compared to the ability to have this handy tool during times of instruction.  Also, I enjoyed being in God’s Word and reviewing the Scripture verses for myself as I put it all together =)

The many things I like about the Child Training Bible:
-It gets all of us delving into God’s Word to read, hear, and see for ourselves what God desires for us, instructing us using His very Words.

I wholeheartedly agree with Mindy Dunn, creator of the Child Training Bible, when she states…

Whenever there is a problem, I want to train my children to immediately run to the Lord, seek His Words, and allow His truth to saturate the situation.

-I was able to use the charts with the version of the Bible that I desire for our family to use and that I know my children understand best.

– The laminated charts include questions to ask your child as well as a short, sample prayer using Scripture to pray with your child that relates to each behavior.

-Mindy and her husband created a tutorial that shows, step by step, how to assemble the Child Training Bible.  Although they do send written instructions, as a visual learner, I do so much better with photos and demonstrations!

– I can easily highlight and tab additional Scripture references that we come across that are fitting for certain discipline areas.  I’ve already added verses from the Joyful Heart Tune Charts, highlighting them in the color that most relates to a specific sin area.  I am sure there will be others as well!


I plan to leave this out for easy access by all in our family and am prepared to turn it into a well worn treasure – just as God’s Word should be.


 Please note that I was not asked to review this product.  I am simply sharing a purchased resource that I think will be beneficial for my own family and is in line with my heart for training and instructing our children in His Ways!

Proverbs to the Rescue (again)

Our family was out of our normal routine for a couple of weeks last month as we were involved in some training with Wycliffe.  The training went well, but during that short time, we could begin to see some changes in our kids’ responses to us. 

So, in addition to singing and meditating on Proverbs 17:14 again, God led us to another verse in Proverbs that seems to fit the situation well…


Proverbs 10:17

He who heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray.


Some key phrases to contemplate and share with our little ones…

“heeds discipline”

– To ‘heed’ is to pay careful attention to.  Some versions say ‘receive’ which is to take and welcome.

– Other versions also use ‘instruction’ or ‘corrections’ in the place of discipline.    All of these imply some type of learning and training in order to grow or improve … to learn from it, retain it, and obey it.

– John Gill, in his commentary, states for “the instruction in righteousness which the Scriptures give… and instruction into the mind and will of God about man’s salvation…”  (This is a good reminder to me to refer the kids to God’s Word in the Bible as I am correcting, disciplining, or instructing them.)


“shows the way to life”

– The way to life (eternal life in Christ) is not by works, but our outward obedience can point and direct others to Christ.


“ignores correction”

– rejects, refuses, disregards, or neglects
– Matthew Henry, in his commentary, states that they “willfully and obstinately refuse it when it is offered to them.”
– John Gill says “He that rejects the counsel and advice, the admonitions and reproofs, given in the word of God…”


“leads others astray”

-How we respond to discipline, correction, and instruction not only affects us, but others as well (siblings, younger children, friends, etc.)


Lots of conversation centered around one single verse of God’s living Word!


And, of course, I had to make some printables to go along with the verse =)  As always, there is a chart, strips to cut apart and rearrange, copywork, and a color sheet.  You can download them for free at my website – Hubbard’s Cupboard Bible Memorization  (just scroll down to Proverbs 10:17).  Enjoy!

Proverbs 10 17 Resources

Light of the World

In December, as Christmas day draws nearer, there is an anticipation.



Each December, we enjoy our activity countdown to Christmas- sometimes on a countdown chain, sometimes tucked inside our advent nativity calendar.adventcloseup 

We look forward to crafts…footangelnativity

an annual family game…preparingtheway

singing carols…


completing our nightly star chart…

and making yummy Christmas treats!Christmas peppermint

Is our family simply looking forward to the gifts, the special holiday treats, sights of Christmas lights strung from the housetops and on trees, a time off from regular school work, enjoyable activities and crafts as a family, a chance to be with family and friends? 

Those are all good things.  And so, from the outside one might say, ‘Yes. They are just making memories!’  We do pray that these young minds and hearts are developing precious memories to carry with them as they age, but also SO MUCH MORE.  We desire for there to be depth to our childrens’ memories – looking past the actual crafts with the shimmering glitter and splattered paint, through the yummy Christmas treat experiments, around the daily countdown, over the gifts that begin to appear beneath the tree ….. and straight to the cross.

For, in the midst of all the activity, we try to focus on the ‘why’ of the season. 
Why do we celebrate Christmas? 
Why is there so much fuss over the coming of one certain day each year? 

Because in the midst of a dark world, God chose to send His Son to bring us Light
– to BE the Light.
While we were darkened and trapped by our rebellion and sins,
God sent His One and Only Son into the world to redeem us
– to save us from our sins.

No, the Bible doesn’t tell us that Jesus was born on December 25.  But, we take this time to reflect on the humble birth of our heavenly King, the LIGHT of the world.  He is the GIFT, the PROMISE that everyone in the Jewish world was anticipating, and the HOPE that our hearts and souls desperately need. 

The Light for a dark world…


1 John 1:9
The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world.

May we set our hearts on Him.

Isaiah 60:1-3

Arise, shine, for your light has come,
   and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.
See, darkness covers the earth
   and thick darkness is over the peoples,
but the LORD rises upon you
   and his glory appears over you.
Nations will come to your light,
   and kings to the brightness of your dawn.

The Power of Words – Keeping the Peace

Over the last few weeks, I have witnessed more and more arguing and fighting over small matters between my children – whether it be over sharing a toy, choosing a video that they all would watch, whose turn it was to do something, and even arguing with instructions given by me.  This morning, I was overjoyed when God pointed out a verse to me from His Word to share with them…

Proverbs 17:14
Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam. 
So drop the matter before a dispute breaks out.

Proverbs 17 14 

My oldest had the opportunity to practice her dictionary skills as she and the other kids wondered what some of the words meant.  We talked about what it meant to quarrel, to dispute, what a dam is, and learned about the word breached.

  • quarrel: verbal disagreement between individuals or a group, to make
    complaint or find fault
  • dispute: to quarrel or fight about; to quarrel angrily; to wrangle
  • dam: a barrier to stop the flow of water, built across a stream or river
  • breach: to break; a rupture; a gap made in a wall; a severance in friendly relations

Then I shared with them a visual…
What does a dam look like and what happens when it is breached?

A simulation of a dam breaking
Real footage of the aftermath from a dam breaking.

They were amazed that a small hole in the dam could be so powerful and have such a large effect!  Our words and how we choose to respond, act the same way.  We can choose to be peacemakers.

And of course, I couldn’t help but put the verse to a tune so we could all sing it…

Head to our Bible Memorization page and scroll down to Proverbs 17:14 for free printables!

I was so excited to get to share this with the children.  It seemed to really make sense to them.

Thank you Lord for this clear illustration from Your Word!

A Non-Complaining Spirit

Oh, how I wish that could be said of me!

Instead, God is allowing me to see this much needed trait through the sweet, sweet spirit  of our oldest child.  She has been experiencing quite a few off and on headaches since June, with an almost constant headache for the past two months.  Has she complained and moaned about how bad her head hurts?  No.  She continues with her schoolwork and play, rarely mentioning her pain.  However, if we ask her how dd1_smileher head is feeling, she says, “It hurts.”  “How long has it been hurting?”  “All day,” she says and then returns to what she was doing.  We just recently had an MRI done and it was discovered that she has “Severe Left Sphenoid Sinusitis” infection.  She is now on antibiotics and they are hopeful that by the end of the third week, her headaches will subside.  I am pleased to say that she has handled herself so well as she has had to visit doctors, have blood work taken, and then had the MRI done.

I truly think she is well on her way to hiding Philippians 2:14 into her heart and mind.   ”Do everything without complaining and arguing.”

Maybe I could learn a few things from this sweet child that God has blessed us with.  Thank You, Lord.

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