Proverbs to the Rescue (again)

Our family was out of our normal routine for a couple of weeks last month as we were involved in some training with Wycliffe.  The training went well, but during that short time, we could begin to see some changes in our kids’ responses to us. 

So, in addition to singing and meditating on Proverbs 17:14 again, God led us to another verse in Proverbs that seems to fit the situation well…


Proverbs 10:17

He who heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray.


Some key phrases to contemplate and share with our little ones…

“heeds discipline”

– To ‘heed’ is to pay careful attention to.  Some versions say ‘receive’ which is to take and welcome.

– Other versions also use ‘instruction’ or ‘corrections’ in the place of discipline.    All of these imply some type of learning and training in order to grow or improve … to learn from it, retain it, and obey it.

– John Gill, in his commentary, states for “the instruction in righteousness which the Scriptures give… and instruction into the mind and will of God about man’s salvation…”  (This is a good reminder to me to refer the kids to God’s Word in the Bible as I am correcting, disciplining, or instructing them.)


“shows the way to life”

– The way to life (eternal life in Christ) is not by works, but our outward obedience can point and direct others to Christ.


“ignores correction”

– rejects, refuses, disregards, or neglects
– Matthew Henry, in his commentary, states that they “willfully and obstinately refuse it when it is offered to them.”
– John Gill says “He that rejects the counsel and advice, the admonitions and reproofs, given in the word of God…”


“leads others astray”

-How we respond to discipline, correction, and instruction not only affects us, but others as well (siblings, younger children, friends, etc.)


Lots of conversation centered around one single verse of God’s living Word!


And, of course, I had to make some printables to go along with the verse =)  As always, there is a chart, strips to cut apart and rearrange, copywork, and a color sheet.  You can download them for free at my website – Hubbard’s Cupboard Bible Memorization  (just scroll down to Proverbs 10:17).  Enjoy!

Proverbs 10 17 Resources

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  1. Beth Brato says

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful thoughts! I’m so blessed and challenged when I read your blog entries. Praying for your family as you continue to prepare for the mission field.

  2. Michelle – I’d never heard of those prayer books for boys and girls! I just downloaded the e-versions so I’ll have them handy on my phone. Thanks so much for your encouraging words! Keep it up! PS – I loved 1000 gifts too. I made it to #157 and haven’t written in it for months! Your post was a good reminder to pull it back out and set it on the counter. :) My goal: 3 a day!

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