The Daily Mommy vs Teacher Battle ~ part 1

Like other homeschool moms with a handful of children ranging in age from toddler to entering double digits, I have two very important and intense roles that I must play each day – at the exact same time. 

I am a mother  AND  I am a teacher. 

This is both a daily blessing and a daily battle.  I realize that my roles as a mother and teacher are not really conflicting.  However, in my heart, they often feel that way.  This may be due to neglecting prayer for wisdom each day, believing lies about what my role as a mother and teacher should be, or by setting unreasonable expectations for myself and/or the children.  I truly love my children and I love home educating them, but some days I feel like I’m losing on both the mommy and the teacher front …. and sometimes, I feel as if my heart is being torn in two. 

Other homeschool mamas, do you ever feel this too?

Over the next several days, I will be sharing a few of the battles that are waged each day between the teacher and the mommy in me.  I’ll also be attempting to provide a few simple and practical solutions or ‘truces’  that might ease the sparring between the two and to help settle the conflict =) .

Feel free to comment and to add ways you’ve dealt with these issues in your own homeschool!


Battle #1
(This is actually the simplest battle to solve, and you’ll probably laugh…)

Teacher – “We must fit in all of our academic areas this day.”

Mommy – “The children and I must find time to breathe in the fresh air and be able to run and play outside!”


Truce #1
-Schedule daily outside recess, preferably a time when all of us, including mommy, can go outside!  Most public schools have recess for children.  So, our homeschooled kids (and younger siblings) can too!  Just because we are the only family in our neighborhood with children outside during school hours doesn’t mean it’s wrong!  Recess and play time outside has great benefits.  So, let the kids have some free play, suggest some fun relay races, kick the ball around, etc.  Just take a break from the school work and get outside!  The books and assignments can wait until after recess and everyone will be more refreshed (even mommy).

outside  (above:  our sweet 18 mo old learning to toss a ball earlier this year)

Grab some clipboards, paper, and pencils, put the younger ones in a stroller or wagon, and head outdoors for a nature expedition!

(above: from 4 years ago…our almost 2 year old enjoying
some fresh air and nature exploration as his sisters go on a leaf hunt!)


Feel the gentle breeze.  Breathe deeply.  Enjoy God’s creation.
It is OKAY to take a break in the middle of, gulp, a school day!


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  1. Timely message for me. I was feeling over- worked, overwhelmed and under appreciated. I needed the reminder…don’t get weary in well doing…

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