Aligning Our Hearts and Minds to God’s Word



Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg.  He had studied Scripture and realized that salvation comes not from indulgences and things spoken by man, but instead…

By Scripture Alone
By Grace Alone
By Faith Alone
Through Christ Alone
For the Glory of God Alone

It sparked the Protestant Reformation, causing the Church to return to reading, studying, and applying the solid Truths from the Bible!

Below are a few fun activities to get our kids thinking about the importance of this event and what God did to bring His people back to faith in Jesus Christ and His Word.


1) Picture Book

Read a book about Martin Luther such as Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World by Paul Maier or enjoy a chapter book by Danika Cooley titled When Lightning Struck.



2) Indulgences

IMG_3197– What was an indulgence?  A piece of parchment paper sold by the Church with the promise to forgive the sin of a loved one that has already died.  What was wrong with this practice?

– Play ‘Coin in the Coffer’.   Set a tin can several feet away from a marked line. Give each child 10 coins.  Have each child toss the coins into the can.  Once all 10 of their  coins have successfully entered the can, they have paid for an ‘indulgence’ and earn a ‘parchment’  (one piece of candy or another prize).


3) 95 Theses

– What was it?  Discuss its importance.
– Print and hammer a copy of the 95 Theses to a wood board.  – Read and discuss a few of the points.  – Make and eat edible hammers!  (pretzel rods with cubed cheese or pretzel sticks and marshmallows dipped in chocolate)

4) Diet of Worms

– What was it?
– Analyze Luther’s response.  Why could he not recant?


5) On the Run!

Compete in a three legged race, a sprint, or relay race as a reminder that Luther was forced to flee for his life after standing up for his belief in the truth of the Bible.

6) Gutenberg Press:

Explain the importance of this invention to the time period & watch a a video about the Gutenberg Press and/or about Johannes Gutenberg

– Experiment with stamping! Work in two teams to form a secret stamped message (Bible verse or Scripture reference to look up and read) by using foam letters placed backwards.  Once the message is formed using the letters, have the other team use a paint and roller to ink the letters.  Then, they can press the inked letters with paper to reveal the Bible verse.

7) Bible Translation


Scripture Printables for Candy Bar Bibles

– Discuss the importance of translating the Bible into languages common people can understand.
– Then,  assemble candy bar Bibles!


8) Watch a  4 minute Animated Video about Martin Luther


9) Reader’s Theatre
Gather some props, don  some simply made costumes, and perform a reformation day skit!

10) A Mighty Fortress is Our God
Read Psalm 46 and then sing this hymn that was written in 1529 by Martin Luther.


11) 5 Solas: The 5 Doctrinal Principles of the Reformation
5 Solas Scripture Cross

5 Sola Scripture Cross

– Give clues for kids to hunt for 5 items. (We chose a Bible, piano book, cross, fruit, and water.  But, any items would do.) At each location, have available one copy per child of a sola definition and related Scripture to look up.
– Have children look up the Scripture reference, read it aloud, discuss its meaning, and then attach it to cross sheet.

– Allow elementary aged children to watch the Torchlighter video on Martin Luther (currently free through Amazon Prime)
– Have middle and high school aged kids listen to Piper’s explanation of the 5 Solas (at least the first and last one in the series) and color as they listen.

5 Solas: printable scrolls from Intoxicated on Life

12) Learn About Another Reformer
Guide children to read online articles about another Reformer.  Then, they can write a paragraph and orally share their findings. You may want students to record their information on some of the pages in this Reformation Notebook from Homeschool Share.
John Wycliffe
William Tyndale
Martin Luther
John Knox
John Huss
John Calvin

13) Create Stained Glass Art commonly found in churches of that day.



14) Watch a Longer Movie about Martin Luther
Luther Movie Review from Plugged In

By Scripture Alone
By Grace Alone
By Faith Alone
Through Christ Alone
For the Glory of God Alone

We so need this reminder in our current day!  We can be easily swayed by our culture and popular opinions if we are not grounded in the Truth found in Scripture.  May we, each day, take time to align our hearts and minds to God’s Word.

Please note that some of the above ideas were adapted from the following blogs…
Living and Learning at Home
Thinking Kids Blog

‘Hot on the Trail’ of Learning

detective 004 (2) Have you heard of the 100th Day of School?   Typically, it is an elementary school celebration and is a HUGE day jam packed with fun learning activities – especially in kindergarten and first grade classrooms across the country.  

As a former K teacher and now a homeschool mama to 5 kiddos ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade, I’ve helped our children celebrate their fair share of 100th days around here.  With each year, it has become more and more challenging to figure out how to include both the younger and older kids in the day’s festivities, making it engaging and relevant to what they are learning.  I tried to break it to the older kids that this year the 100th day activities would be just be for the elementary aged kids, but that didn’t go over so well.  LOL!  

Take a closer look at a few of our ‘hot on the trail’ activities (across grade levels)…

detective table

detective hats for our younger kids as they begin their learning investigations

tiny clues 
Tiny Clues

100 Hunt (2) 
100th Day 1-100 Sticker Hunt

100th Day Collections 
the younger kids’ 100th Day 100 Item Collections

detective donuts 
Don’t all good detectives deserve some donuts (and coffee, aka hot cocoa)?!

fingerprint suspects 
Fingerprint Suspects

 game (2)
The Cupcake Mystery Game (A ‘Clue’ Math Game)

hot on the trail mix
Our 100th Day ‘Hot on the Trail’ Mix
(The kids discovered that ten groups of ten small snack items add up to be a pretty large snack!)

revealing secret words 
Revealing Secret Words

Scripture search
Scripture Search for the older kids

secret case files 
Secret Case Files (The numbers correspond to each detective’s grade level.  =) )

detective cupcakes
A special dessert fitting for our super sleuths!

That was just a quick glimpse, but there was so much more to our day!  I’ve added our resource packet (with both elementary and middle grade ideas), to our Joyful Heart Learning shop.  Come check it out!




More 100th Day Resources:
100th Day (free ideas and printables at Hubbard’s Cupboard)

The 100th Day Marshmallow Incident (for purchase)

Touchdown: Celebrating 100 Days (for purchase)

Names of Jesus Ornaments

ornaments complete

Last year, after coming across this wonderful tutorial, our family decided to make ornaments with the names of Jesus on them to share at Christmas time.  It was definitely a whole family project – but so rewarding in the end!  After assembling many to give away, we then agreed to work together to create one more complete set to display on our own Christmas tree. 

Want to take a peek at the process?  We pretty much followed the instructions in the tutorial at Today’s Fabulous Finds, but I created our own name set with a different font. 


1) Gathering the supplies:

(large paint sticks, scrapbook paper, printed names, brown ink pad, Q-tips, chocolate colored spray paint, sandpaper, Modge Podge, foam brush, wire, ruler, small hand saw, drill, pliers)

ornaments 1 ornaments 2a


2) Preparing the Printable Names:

Copying, Cutting, and Inking the edges
ornaments 2b ornaments 3


3) Preparing the Paint Sticks

Measuring, Marking, and Cutting
ornaments 4a ornaments 4b

ornaments 5 ornaments 6

Drilling the Holes

ornaments 7

Distressing the Edges
ornaments 8


4) Assembling the Ornaments:

Attaching the Printable Names with Modge Podge

ornaments 9a

ornaments 9b ornaments 10 ornaments 11 ornaments 12

ornaments 13

Cutting the Wire and Threading it Through the Holes
 ornaments 14 ornaments 15 ornaments 16 


5) Enjoying the Ornaments!

 ornaments doorknob ornaments final   ornaments red ribbon

Creating the Names of Jesus Ornaments was a memorable time of working cooperatively as a family – AND we now have a great visual reminder of who Jesus is to display each Christmas season.

Christmas Scripture Booklets

Christmas Scripture Booklets

Are you looking for a way for your younger children to interact more with Scripture as you read the Biblical accounts of Jesus’ coming to earth as a baby?   Try Christmas Scripture Booklets for coloring and Christmas Story Sequencing for retelling

Last year, we used The Christmas Story Booklet based on Luke 2 to assist our 4 year old in memorizing a portion of Luke 2:1-20.  This year, he is continuing to make progress with this passage. 


Now, there are 3 additional Christmas Scripture Booklets!  We are not planning on memorizing these passages at this time, but desire to read them during this Christmas season.  Here is a suggested reading order so that the events are read chronologically.  (I used the exact Scripture for each booklet.)

Jesus’ Birth Foretold (Portions of Luke 1 and Matthew 1)
The Christmas Story (Luke 2) 
The Naming of Jesus (Luke 2, continued)
In God’s Hand (Matthew 2)


Make sure to print out the Christmas Story Sequencing Sheets as well!


The Christmas Story Sequencing Sheets correspond with the Scripture passages from the Christmas Story Booklets.  These are great for reviewing and retelling the Biblical accounts!  Color versions of the pictures would work well in a pocket chart.  In addition, black and white student sheets are included for individual work.

These printables are available over at the Hubbard’s Cupboard Christmas page.

May these FREE resources from Hubbard’s Cupboard bless you and your children this Christmas as you read from His Word and learn more about Jesus and His coming as the Savior.

Giving Tuesday – Booklets for Bibles

           Seasonal Jokes Cover Names of Jesus Cover


A couple weeks ago, our oldest girls came to us desiring to do some type of work to raise money for a charity during this Christmas season.  After ruling out a few ideas, what should they finally choose?  Well, it is often said that our children are always watching us and will model what we do.  So, following in the footsteps of their mama, they decided to create Christmas related materials for parents and teachers. =)

Booklets for Bibles

Please assist us in raising money to help print Bibles through Wycliffe for the Mayogo people in their heart language. They live in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

To read more about this project click the link below

Our goal is to raise $120 by selling Countdown to Christmas Math Puzzles: Names of Jesus  and  Countdown to Christmas Math Puzzles: Seasonal Jokes.  This amount will allow for 20 New Testaments to be printed for the Mayogo people.


These booklets have 24 different puzzles with math problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to figure out either a name of Jesus as found in Scripture or the answer to a fun seasonal joke. They were designed with 3rd-4th graders in mind.

~The Hubbard girls

The girls have been working hard to have these materials ready for December 1st so that you, dear teachers and moms, can have them for use with your children.

Booklet Making
Won’t you, please support them in reaching their goal?

The booklets are available for purchase at our Joyful Heart Learning store for just $3.00 each.  All proceeds from either of these products this Christmas season will go toward the girls’ goal to give Bibles to the Mayogo people.

                             Seasonal Jokes Cover     Names of Jesus Cover

Countdown to Christmas Math Puzzles: Seasonal Jokes

Countdown to Christmas Math Puzzles: Names of Jesus

Giving Tuesday – Booklets for Bibles

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