Pointillism Sunflowers

Pointillism Sunflowers

What began as an afternoon lesson for three children on the style and technique of pointillism turned into an enjoyable family art affair of pointillism and more!

We began by watching an art student’s tutorial on pointillism – learning briefly about Georges Seurat, seeing how to make a color wheel, learning how to create a graphite transfer, and being inspired by an elaborate pointillism Taj Mahal.

Next, we practiced the technique of pointillism by using markers and following along with another tutorial.

1 -Pointillism Practice

We also experimented with various sizes of tips – ends of paintbrushes, Q-tips, erasers, and small stamp sponges.

Next, we got out our primary colored acrylic paints and set to work creating a pointillism color wheel.

2 - Pointillism Color Wheel5 - Pointillism Practice


After all of that practice, we were ready to jump into our main project (and grandma joined us, too).

Step 1- Choose a sunflower!

5.2 Sunflower Project

Step 2 – Create a Graphite Transfer

5.5 - Graphite Transfer6 - Graphite Transfer7 - Graphite Transfer


Step 3 – Ready to Paint!

8 - Ready to Paint

Step 4 – Add dots

9.5 - Pointillism9 - Pointillism10 - Pointillism

and dots…

11 - Pointillism

and more dots!

12 - Pointillism

We discovered that this type of painting requires a great deal of patience and perseverance! 


Up until this stage of our project, the kids were very focused and only wanted a few pauses for stretching and a snack.  They were highly engaged and motivated!

After an overnight break, we started up again the next morning

to add more dots!


13 - Pointillism

14 - Pointillism


At various points, the older kids in our family decided to join in on the fun, too!  One chose to utilize the graphite transfer technique with a different image, one chose to use the graphite technique followed by regular painting, and one used a combination of brush stroke painting and pointillism.

 15 - Pointillism16 - Just Paint17 - Just Paint


Our completed pointillism sunflowers!

18- Pointillism19- Pointillism

And more!

20 - Pointillism
We had a wide age range of artists – elementary, middle school, high school, mom, and grandma.  Above, are some of our artists’ completed works!  Each of us experienced such a satisfying and relaxing time with family and friends as we let our creative expression flow!

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