Let Me Grow

God never ceases to surprise me how He can use our children to draw me closer to Himself and to refine me.   Here is just one example of an area He has been working on…

Let Me Grow

( Oh, why yes – It is set to the tune of Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’.   And, no– You won’t be hearing me actually sing it out loud. Be thankful ;-) )

Let Me Grow
(A Mother’s Prayer)

The harsh words in this household right now
Not a loving thought to be heard
A mother in desperation
With so little time in His Word

The words are flowing like a dam broken wide
Don’t know what to do, heaven knows I’ve tried

Don’t let them in, I need to see
Read his Word and get down on my knee
Reveal and heal, I need to know
We all need to know

Let me grow, let me grow
Can’t wait anymore
Let me grow, Let me grow
I’m running to God’s Word

I don’t care
What they’re going to see
Let the tears flow down
I can’t do this on my own anyway

It’s funny how some verses
Help me see how far I fall
and the rage that once controlled me
Is replaced with love when I call

It’s time to dig deep in the Truth
To test my thoughts and be renewed
No fear, no doubt, just joy to see
I’m free

Let me grow, let me grow
I am safe in the Father’s hand
Let me grow, Let me grow
Trusting Christ is in His plan

Here I stand
and here I’ll pray
May you strengthen me

His Word is living, active, sharper than a spear
I hear His Spirit whispering gently to me in my ear
And one thought -You’re forgiven- comes to me so fast
Speak tenderly to them
Only My Words last

Let me grow, let me grow
And I’ll reach out and embrace
Let me grow, Let me grow
To share His love and grace

Here I stand
in the light of Truth
the battle’s won
May I speak Words of Life to our kids today



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