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spelling samplerYou may have noticed that there are a LOT of pages in the Joyful Heart Spelling Skills download!  For each rule/skill lesson, the same style of sheets are used.  Please remember that with a printable download, you can choose which sheets to print for your child.  If you detect that the amount of writing is too much, pare it down a little.  If you desire for your child to complete a lesser amount of worksheets, alternate which sheets he/she does for each rule/skill.  If you recognize that your child needs more hands on or kinesthetic practice with the skill, choose an activity from the ‘Optional Spelling Practice Ideas’ sheets to do instead of a worksheet.  That is part of the joy in homeschooling – being able to tailor what we do to match our students’ learning styles and needs.


What are learning styles?  Learning styles are various approaches or ways of learning.  Children use all of the learning modalities to learn new information, but individuals may have a preference or more dominant way in their approach to learning.  Below is a brief definition of each learning style and some ways Joyful Heart Spelling Skills (JHSS) addresses them.


Visual Learners tend to learn best through seeing.  They may think in pictures and learn best through visual charts, displays, videos, and written work.

JHSS – paying attention to details of how words are spelled and noting spelling patterns, copywork and prepared dictation


words in the word

Tactile Learners tend to learn best by touching.  They are more inclined to need a hands on approach and the opportunity to explore and manipulate objects (fine motor).

JHSS– manipulating letters and words, forming words using different materials, writing words in a different medium




Kinesthetic Learners tend to learn best by moving and doing.  They are apt to need to have the chance to move as they are learning (gross motor).

JHSS– writing words using larger arm movements  (Strategies to address this way of learning can be found on the ‘Optional Spelling Practice Ideas’ sheet – two of which are shown below.)

tossandspellToss and Spell

hopandspellJump and Spell

Auditory Learners tend to learn best by listening. They are more likely to need the opportunity to talk through things and listen.  Reading aloud and using a voice recorder is often beneficial.

JHSS– orally saying and spelling words aloud, dictation



The ‘Optional Spelling Practice Ideas’ sheets, included in the Joyful Heart Spelling Skills teacher guide, have activities listed that fit each of these learning styles as well.


Each learning style is addressed within the study of Joyful Heart Spelling Skills – providing increased learning opportunities!


Joyful Heart Spelling Skills

JHSS Part 1 Cover

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