Eat Your Cake


and WEAR it, too!

We recently celebrated the first birthday of our fifth little one.  We have given each of our children a ‘smash’ cake on their first birthday.  They do more playing than eating and it is always fun to watch, especially when they reach out their sweet, caked hands to share some with you =)  When our fifth little guy was presented with his cake, the older kids started calling it his ‘pound’ cake – and rightly so.  He dug in with both hands and had cake smeared along both of his arms before we whisked him away for a bath! 

And, since a mother has a right to some reminiscing, here are our other kids with their ‘smash’ cakes for a comparison of messiness…

1stChild Our first child daintily pecked away at bits of her cake.





2ndChild Our second child held the record for messiest and best demolition of her cake (until her 2nd baby brother came along)!



3rdChild Surprisingly, our first boy didn’t dig in as we thought he might.






4thChild And, our fourth little one was fairly neat as well – but she had fun!





Cake, anyone?sharingcake

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  1. Our 2nd child might still be the reigning champion. If you look at the plate there isn’t much cake standing. I guess it depends how big the cakes are. Our 5th had a “cake for 2” which really could feed 4.

  2. the brodys says

    thise pictures are adorable. you are all so creative! thanks for the pictures/ and thank you from Josiah.
    love to all
    t and m and kimba too

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