Through the Eyes of My Kids

Over at the Heart of the Matter, last week’s meme was to ask your kids what they like and dislike about homeschooling.  I thought this might be fun to do (and I was a tad curious), so I asked my 6 1/2 year old, almost 5 year old, and my just turned 3 year old about their likes and dislikes.  Here are their responses – homeschooling through their eyes…

6 1/2 year old  (first grade)
LIKES:  “being with my mama, science experiments, and the Living Long Ago book” (The ‘mama’ part melted my heart.)
DISLIKES: “my math workbook – I like BJU better.”

almost 5 year old  (Pre K)
LIKES: “experiments and my math workbook!”  (She hasn’t even started her workbook yet =)  We just recently ordered it and she is anxious to begin.)
DISLIKES:  “calendar, because it is long”

our just turned 3 year old
LIKES:  “playing with trains… uh, there’s more about it… and doing a puzzle  (pause) playing with something in my bin… uh, there’s more… looking at that (points to the globe and I ask him what ‘that’ is) the world… (long pause as he looks up)  I like do everything!” 
DISLIKES:  He seemed to have a lot to say about his likes, so then I asked him, “What don’t you like to do?”  And, if you know him at all, his matter of fact response fits him well… “food I don’t try.”

our 11 month old
LIKES:  If she could, I think she might say that she most enjoys interacting with all her older siblings =)
DISLIKES:  The kids thought she might say that she doesn’t like taking a morning nap while everyone else is doing school.  =)

science Likes
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  1. Stephanie Burton says

    Hi Michelle,
    I loved your baby’s response about food he doesn’t try… :-) I hope you are having more success in the new year with fruits and veggies! I love your kids, they are a treat!

    By the way, I’ve always wondered what a ‘meme’ is? Is it pronounced ‘meem’ or ‘me-me’? Things I wish I could ponder more but oh I have to get back to work…

    Take care,

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