Little Bands of Creativity

have been spilling forth into every room of our house since Christmas…

photo 10

You too?

From our newly turned 6 year old up to our 11 year old,
the kids are hooked into creating bracelets, necklaces, charms, and footwear… even our son

photo 2…and they are having a blast!

photo 5 Bracelets galore!

photo 1Necklaces with cross charms

photo 11 
Fancy Footwear

photo 8 Olympic Themed Bracelets


They have been enjoying going step by step, with tutorials, from the following websites…
Rainbow Loom

and are now attempting to create some of their own designs…
photo 6The Trinity (Three in One) Bracelet
Three in One Bracelet Tutorial

photo 9The Buddy Bracelet
(A bracelet created by big sister, inspired by her littlest brother: AKA ‘little buddy’)
Buddy Bracelet Tutorial



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