Look Whooooo’s Flying…

Into A New School Year!

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First Day Photos
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Our youngest one keeps telling me, “Mama, your baby growed up.”  Yes, little guy, I think you are all growing up way too fast!  This year we have a new middle school student (entering 6th grade), a 4th grader, a 2nd grader, a kindergartener, and a preschooler…

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‘Flying’ themed activities – injecting some fun into our first week

At the start of each school year, I enjoy coming up with a theme that coordinates with some aspect of what our family will be learning throughout the new year.   It helps to build excitement in the kids (and, honestly, this mama, too).  =)   This year, as you might have guessed from the above photos, our theme was all things that fly!


A Special First Day Surprise Themed Breakfast…
Yes, this homeschool mom served her kids cupcakes for breakfast on the first day of school!  And, as you can tell from their sweet faces, it was a hit! 
DSC_5237 (2) DSC_5240 (2)


Dragonflies (This craft idea is from First Palette.)
DSC_5300 (2) DSC_5384 (2)

Marshmallow Shooters (This quick, simple, and fun idea was shared at Come Together Kids.)DSC_5333 (2) DSC_5342 (2)

A challenging bird puzzle for the older kids to work on gradually…bird puzzle

A footprint robin for the younger kids…
DSC_5349 (2)DSC_5385 (2) 

And, finally, we put up a bird feeder in order to learn how to become bird watchers (AKA ‘The Bird Detectives’)…
DSC_5660 (2) 

Yes, we really are ‘flying’ into a new school year here!


This post is part of the 5th annual “Not” Back-To-School Blog Hop over at the iHomeschool Network.  This is Student Photos Week!

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