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Joyful Heart Learning is an extension of the free teaching resources that have been available online at Hubbard’s Cupboard since 2000.  All resources at Hubbard’s Cupboard are still free.  However, I am extending, refining, and making some of them easier to download for purchase.

Joyful Heart Learning contains curriculum and resources that are…

developmentally appropriate
Scripture based
literacy filled
enjoyable for both home and classroom use


This makes me super excited about our whimsical heart tree logo which conveys the joy of learning and growth – and our tagline which expresses my desire to create materials and learning opportunities that engage the heart, hands, and mind!

Please know that my intention has never been to sell learning materials. I just really enjoy creating them!  However, after receiving many requests from visitors to the website over the years, taking in consideration for the time and energy expended, and after prayer and taking my husband’s counsel,  there will now be the opportunity for others to purchase revised/updated versions of some of the curriculum.  As stated above, though, the free versions will remain at Hubbard’s Cupboard!

I also now have a brand new Joyful Heart Learning  ‘shop‘ open through The Teacher’s Notebook. 

Drop by Joyful Heart Learning and take a look around! 

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