It’s Your Turn – Winners!

Wow!  Thanks for all the positive comments about Your Turn – Kid Timer

I know there are some random generators out there for blog giveaways, but seeing as this is our first ever giveaway, we simply had our darling children draw names the old fashioned way.  5 kids and 5 winners!



So, without further ado, here are our winners….

Andi Hogan
Joshua H.
Nina Jones
Stephen Schiller


We will be emailing the winners their codes so you can have access to your free app – Your Turn – Kid Timer!  After you try it out, my hubby would love additional feedback over at the Apple App Store =)  And, for those of you whose names were not drawn, Your Turn – Kid Timer is still available in the Apple App Store – on sale for $1.99 through January 31, 2012.   Thanks to all who participated!!

It’s Your Turn!

As a busy mom with five little ones, four of whom enjoy playing games on our iPad, I was tired of hearing, “Whose turn is it?  How long can I play for?  She had it longer than me!   It’s MY turn now!”   With all the arguing and bickering created over using the iPad, I wasn’t certain all those cool games, whether educational or not, were really worth the hassle and stress. (And you somehow thought our family might be different?  LOL!)   

Then, my knight in shining armor (aka my software loving husband) said, “I could make an app for that.”   So, after teaming up with a great designer (William Larsen), devoting countless hours, and using our all too willing kids as testers, there IS now an app for that!

I’m excited to share with you an app that makes sharing any iOS device less stressful for parents…
Your Turn – Kid Timer!


So, how does it work?

It is pretty simple, actually!

As your child plays, Your Turn counts down the minutes until the next child’s turn. When time is up, Your Turn signals to both kids that it’s time to switch. With the tap of a button, the new child’s turn begins. It’s super easy and kid friendly.

* Add any number of players
* Set playing time per player
* Disable a player who isn’t playing without having to delete
        (The animal will look as though it is asleep!  Super cute!)
* Choose one of six different fun farm animals (pig, horse, donkey, dog, cow, or chicken)
* Plays a warning sound (the sound of the animal that is next) one minute before the timer expires
* Plays an alarm sound (and shows an alert when timer expires
      (This is longer than the warning sound and plays background music with the next player’s animal sound – very fitting for the theme!)
* Plays sound of next player so that they can listen for their sound
* Sounds match player’s farm animal
* Start next player from the alert
* Can be used without an internet connection
* Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

Scenario 1: "I want my older child to have a bit more time to play than my younger one."   No problem—Your Turn allows parents to set individual time allotments for each child. These time settings are saved and do not have to be set each time.

Scenario 2: "I have assigned each of my kids to a farm animal sound but one of them isn’t going to be playing right now."  Simple, click a button and Your Turn will remove that child from being timed until their animal is turned back on by you.

Scenario 3: "I only have one child but I want to keep track of the time he is using my iPhone."  Of course, just assign yourself one of the farm animals and when you hear your animal sound it’s time for junior to hand the phone back.

Free yourself up from officiating whose turn it is and help your kids learn to share with the help of Your Turn.


When Your Turn – Kid Timer was released in the Apple App Store, we had a family ‘release party’ of sorts!  The cupcakes are based on two of the fun barn animal characters kids can choose from.

appreleasepartyprep appreleaseparty2



Do you want to WIN IT?
Come celebrate with us!  No, I can’t offer you one of the tasty cupcakes, but I can offer you a free app!  As a special promotion, my hubby has given me promotion codes to give away to 5 lucky readers

The first and mandatory entry is to leave a comment on this blog post letting us know what you are most looking forward to in using the Your Turn – Kid Timer app with your kids, making sure to leave your email so I can contact you. 

You can have a second (optional) entry by ‘liking’ Your Turn iPhone App on Facebook and then leaving a comment here letting me know that you did.

The giveaway ends at midnight on Friday, December 16th!   Winners will be randomly selected.  I will share the winner’s names online and notify through email as well.  So, please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you in case you win!

Update:  This giveaway is officially closed.  Please see the winners, above.

You can also BUY IT!
If you don’t think your family can wait to start using Your Turn – Kid Timer, please know that it IS available for purchase in the Apple App Store!  Between now and January 31, 2012, Your Turn – Kid Timer is on sale for $1.99!  (Shameless plug, I know.) 


Now, instead of hearing bickering, I hear, “It’s your turn!”

Ahhh….some peace and quiet….just in time for Christmas =)

For Daddy


DSC_4501 (3)

From your beautiful 9 year old…
Thank you for giving the best hugs ever!
Thank you for taking me out to lunch.
Thank you for spending time with me.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for doing morning devotions with me.
Thank you for praying for me.

From your lovely 7 year old…
Thank you for all the things you do!
Thank you for playing with us.
Thank you for giving hugs and kisses.
Thank you for teaching me to ride my bike.

From your handsome 5 year old…
Thank you for being my daddy – because I love you!
Thank you for giving me hugs.

From your energetic 3 year old…
Thank you for being my daddy.
Thank you for playing trains and Super Why with me.
Thank you for reading to me.

From your adorable 1 year old… (Well, what we thought he might say =) )
Thank you for playing trains and ‘cooking’ with me.
Thank you for giving me food.
Thank you for encouraging me to walk.

From your bride…
Thank you for your love and dedication to our family.
Thank you for being an example of grace to the children and for pointing all of us to our Heavenly Father.

We love you!!!!

Eat Your Cake


and WEAR it, too!

We recently celebrated the first birthday of our fifth little one.  We have given each of our children a ‘smash’ cake on their first birthday.  They do more playing than eating and it is always fun to watch, especially when they reach out their sweet, caked hands to share some with you =)  When our fifth little guy was presented with his cake, the older kids started calling it his ‘pound’ cake – and rightly so.  He dug in with both hands and had cake smeared along both of his arms before we whisked him away for a bath! 

And, since a mother has a right to some reminiscing, here are our other kids with their ‘smash’ cakes for a comparison of messiness…

1stChild Our first child daintily pecked away at bits of her cake.





2ndChild Our second child held the record for messiest and best demolition of her cake (until her 2nd baby brother came along)!



3rdChild Surprisingly, our first boy didn’t dig in as we thought he might.






4thChild And, our fourth little one was fairly neat as well – but she had fun!





Cake, anyone?sharingcake

A Stitch in Time

When our oldest finally decided on a theme for her eighth birthday party, I wasn’t too surprised… just a little perplexed as to how to make it happen.  She is very interested in sewing and in American history at the moment.  So, when she requested a Colonial Sewing Party, I knew it would capture a part of who she is at this stage in her young life.


I searched online, asked for suggestions from friends, looked through colonial activity books, and sifted through sewing books for ideas. I then shared them with our daughter who helped to make the final decisions.  Here is what we came up with to make a special Colonial Sewing day for her…

Beforehand, she sent out patchwork invitations.

The girls made a colonial type toy – a ‘bilboquet’. 

She and her friends also made some colonial garb – mob caps and aprons.  The ideas for these two projects came from Just Call Me Jamin.  At her blog, she shares ideas that correspond with many of the American Girl dolls!
mob cap and apron mob cap prep   apron
The day before the party, our daughter even made a mini sized mob cap and apron for her miniature Felicity doll.
doll mob cap
She also helped to make these needle cases for each of her guests.  The idea for the cases came from Sewing School.

needle case 1 needle case 2

The girls participated in two Colonial style games – ‘Hunt the Needle’ and ‘Hide the Thimble’.  (Colonial girls would actually have played ‘Hunt the Ring’, but we were trying to keep with the sewing theme as well and so used a plastic needle instead of a ring.)
hunt the needle

For fun, they also used whip stitches to sew together felt bears.   The idea and pattern for the bear is from My First Sewing Book by Winky Cherry.
felt bear prep

And of course, we had to have a sewing related cake.  She wanted to celebrate with a patchwork cake.
patchwork cake

It was a joy to be able to plan the party and then watch her delight in the afternoon with her friends!

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